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This week's story belongs to Frank Kitchen.  Thank you for sharing your story with us and for serving out country.

Ora Conover lived at 210 Powell St from August 1961 until July 1997 dying at the age of 95. Where her grandson lived with her for many years and remembers the Nursing Home next door. When his grandparents purchased the house at 210 it belonged to the Taake family. There was an addition added on to the south side of the house and a porch which allowed the Taake family to earn extra income by washing and drying the linen from the Nursing home. If you look carefully you can still see the named  TAAKE  stamped on the house side walk where it joins the city side walk. The house was built in 1903 the same year his grandmother was born. When the nursing home closed the head nurse purchased the house and converted it to a home. He can't remember her name, but she became close friends with his grandmother once he joined the military and left home. He also remembered the Post Master (female) lived across the street from the Nursing Home. Also one of the very first Post Masters of Troy (Mrs Bone) lived next door to the Nursing Home on the north side. She passed away some time around 1965 at 85 years of age. He inherited and sold the home in 1995 after his Mom (grandmother) was placed in a Nursing Home in Marysville. While living there he remembers the winter of 1962 watching the Mason's tear down the south wall of the Lutheran Church from his Mom's kitchen window after the mortar froze from the exceptionally cold month of January. He spent 22 years in the United States Air Force and loved coming home to Troy and their home. It was always his base to come home to. Still misses the house and the neighbors.

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Replica of the Mersinger Pioneer Cabin, circa 1859

Replica of the Mersinger Pioneer Cabin

(Pictured Above, Courtesy of David Alan Badger)

This cabin, located in the Bud Kaustermeier City Park on South Highway 162, also known as the ”National Road”, is a unique attraction to the park and is available for viewing and educational programs for students and those who are curious about history. The Troy Historical Society takes pride in serving the community as caretakers of this primitive dwelling of our past and welcomes visitors.

The cabin is open for viewing by appointment. Call 618-667-9776 (Bonnie) for information and reservations for tours.


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Mersinger Cabin Drawing Provided Courtesy of David Alan Badger